We are pleased to welcome Jiacheng (Jackie) Chen, a new PhD student, to the lab.

Capturing the Continuous Complexity of Behavior in C. elegans. Congratulations to Tosif Ahamed and Greg J. Stephens on this outstanding work published in Nature Physics(PDF)


Welcome to our four Fall20/Winter21 undergrads - Samuel Wu, Alice Xu, Mohammad Haddadnia, and Randa Higazy is a 4th year thesis student!

Welcoming Neeaja Ramakrishnan to the PhD program in physiology after her recent recent reclassification exam. Congratulations!  

Good-bye to Maggie Chang, who was with the lab from 2016-2020. We wish her well as she commences a PhD program in biology at McGill. 


Congratulations to Daniel Witvliet for his second place win for “Reconstructing the Minds of a Worm” in the 2020 Show Us Your Brain Contest. See the video at the NIH BRAIN Initiative website.
For all the winners, click here  



Many congratulations! Daniel Witvliet successfully defended his PhD in June. He's now a PDF at Harvard.


Well done on the hard work to Mona Wong! She has transferred from the MSc program to a PhD. 

Congratulations are in order! Yangning Lu successfully defended his PhD in February and has moved on to a postdoctoral fellowship at MIT. 

We are excited to welcome three new graduate students: Hongruo Zhang, William Li, and Julian Moran.


Welcome to Tosif, our new Postdoctoral Fellow, from Okinawa! He is handling the cold shock alright


Congratulations to Daniel and Lisa on becoming parents! Welcome, baby Andrew Zhao Witvliet! 



With David Miller: C. elegans dendritic spines, eLife (PDF)



With Penney Gilbert: A 3D human NMJ model, eLife (PDF)


With Shangbang Gao: An upconversion nanoparticle enables near infrared-optogenetic stimulation, ACS Nano (PDF)


Welcome to our new graduate student, Mona Wong!


Congratulations to Min for completing his MSc study


With Christian Stigloher and Philip Kollmannsberger: An automated vesicle clustering algorithm, PLoS One (PDF)


Congratulations! Ben, Daniel, and our collaborators. Our EM method paper on the C. elegans connectomics is online. The first paper from this long and hard journey is finally out (PDF)


With Quan Wen and Shangbang Gao: A review on the C. elegans motor circuit, now published in Royal Philosophical Transactions B. (PDF)


Congratulations to our collaborator, the Wen lab. Their study of the forward motor circuit oscillator is accepted for publication by the PNAS. Glad to be part of this nice work


A rare genetic disorder JBS is likely a glutamate homeostasis metabolic disorder  ​

Congratulations to Jyothsna, Ria, Wesley, Renee, and our collaborators the Calarco and Dennis labs. Our finding that a rare genetic disorder JBS is likely a glutamate homeostasis metabolic disorder, via worm behaviors is accepted for publication at the PLoS Genetics

Excitatory motor neurons are the C. elegans oscillators, eLife

Congratulations to Shangbang, Asuka, Jun, and our collaborators - the Jin, Alkema and Fang-Yen labs - for decoding oscillators of the C. elegans motor circuit (PDF)

Welcome, Katarina

Katarina Pankova completed her PhD at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. She will be joining our lab as a postdoctoral fellow

Welcome, Charline

Charline Roy, a visiting PhD student from the Bessereau Lab joined us this fall. Welcome to Canada!


As of today, the Zhen lab generated 10,000 worm strains! Congratulations to Wesley Hung, who made the ZM10,000


Funded by CIHR

Our mission, studying the basic biology of the C. elegans neural circuit development and function, has been awarded a CIHR Foundation Grant in the 2016-2017 competition. We are grateful for this opportunity