C. elegans is a compact model to study fundamental principles that govern circuit assembly and function.‚Äč We combine electron microscopy, genetics, optogenetics, and electrophysiology to address how its nervous system develops and operates. We apply tools and insights obtained from C. elegans studies to establish animal models to reveal circuit deficits underlying human neurological disorders.

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Congratulations to Daniel Witvliet for the top paper - Connectomes across development reveal principles of brain maturation in C. elegans at the 2020 University of Toronto Comparative Specialization in Development Biology Retreat. See the paper here.


Click here for Capturing the Continuous Complexity of Behavior in C. elegans. Lead author: Tosif Ahamed (a Zhen Lab PDF, based on his PhD work with Greg J. Stephens, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology). Coming soon in Nature Physics

Circuit Development

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